Submitted by acsadministrator on Sun, 12/10/2017 - 14:30

Assalamu alaikum

As there is no snow predicted for Tuesday 12th December 2017, the school will be open.

Please continue to look at this website when there are adverse weather conditions.




You will be aware recently there have been weather warnings of upcoming adverse weather. As far as possible, the school will try and keep open so that there is minimum effect on the education of our children. However there will be occasions, for health and safety and for travel reasons for everyone at the school, when the school has to stay closed for the whole day or part of the day.

On such occasions we will put messages by 7:15am

  • on our website (here)
  • voicemail message on our main telephone number (0203 411 2660).

Hence, if you are in any doubt, we request that you first check our website/phone message after 7:15 am each morning.

It is also possible that there may be a sudden change of weather during the day. In such cases we may have to close early. We will contact you by email or text message. It is therefore very important that we have your email address and up to date mobile number. Please do ensure that you have informed the school of any changes in your contact details

Jzk. Ws