Nursery Staff

We have an excellent team at ACS Nursery. The team is led by an experienced management team with all of our Key Workers and Practitioners undertaking further study presently and our nursery assistants on track to achieve their Level 2 qualifications.

  Reception Lead   Mrs Hamida   L6 
  Nursery Lead   Mrs Farzana   L3
  Key Worker   Ms Salima   L6
  Key Worker   Ms Safa   L3
  EYFS Practitioner   Ms Noreen   L3
  EYFS Practitioner   Ms Moni   Working Towards L3
  EYFS Practitioner   Mrs Summer   L2
  EYFS Practitioner   Ms Zohal   Working Towards L2
  EYFS Practitioner   Ms Narjis   Working Towards L2







Parental enquiries with respect to the nursery should be addressed to the Administration Office in the first instance.