Ayesha community school helps children realise their spiritual, moral and academic potential in a welcoming, secure and supportive environment centred on the Islamic ethos of the school. The school enables pupils to enjoy learning, develop character and competence, and prepare for further education and the responsibilities of adult life in contemporary Britain.

To fulfil this vision, the school promotes six ideals, namely:

Character Formation

Nurturing character and conduct consistent with Islamic virtues, most notably respect, empathy, honesty, self-esteem, self-discipline, thoughtfulness and appreciation of Allah SWT.

Academic Achievement

Enabling students to become confident,articulate and motivated learners, and thus laying solid foundations for their future vocation, economic well-being and self-fulfilment.

Healthy Mind & Body

Promoting pupils' holistic health through the provision of a safe, caring environment.

Wholesome Sense of Identity

To be exemplary role-models of Islam, above all - a spiritual identity that unites the whole Ummah.

Social and Community Cohesion

Inviting all members of the school and broader community to share in its aims, and preparing students of all backgrounds to contribute to society as responsible citizens.

Environmental Responsibility

Helping students adopt conscientious lifestyles that help sustain our planet, particularly by setting a practical example, nurturing respect for all life, and maintaining a simple, clean and healthy lifestyle.

Fund Raising for Water Aid in Africa
Fund Raising for Water Aid in Africa













Visit to a local Care Home
Visit to a local Care Home