Welcome to Ayeshas' Secondary School

Ayesha Community School (ACS) warmly welcomes you to our secondary school. Our staff are proud to provide a solid educational foundation for pupils between Years 7-11. We are one of the few schools that specialises in Islamic Education and the National Curriculum in North West London.

We offer a balanced selection of religious, academic, creative and practical subjects, adapting National Curriculum subjects to the needs out our pupils - integrating Islamic values with the Sciences, Arts and Humanities. We have been known to provide high quality pastoral care, combine academic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom. This unique blend provides our girls with experiences and opportunities necessary to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding - whether in a professional career, as mothers, homemakers or all three elements of their lives.
ACS provides a nurturing and caring environment where each girl is encouraged to become the best person they can be; academically, spiritually, morally, and socially. Parents entrusting their daughter(s) to our care can be assured their child(ren) will be well looked after, and offered academic as well as spiritual support by our dedicated and well trained staff.
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