Year 10 & 11 trip to Queen Mary University

A group of Year 10 and Year 11 Higher Ability Pupils visited Queen Mary University a day in July 2013. They all took part in a number of different workshops:

1) 'Draw Your Future' acitivity

2) Choosing a University: How to get it Right and

3) Budgeting a University Students Finance.

They also got a tour of the University Campus, including the Library and Student Halls. Student Ambassadors who have just completed their Undergraduate Degree in a variety of fields were at hand throughout the day to answer our pupils questions.

Year 11 trip to Imperial College

Steven Robinette is a PhD student at Imperial College London and the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC.  His research applies cutting-edge analytical techniques and high level data analysis to study the intersection of human genetics and metabolism.  He is currently developing metabolic diagnostics for the rarest human "mystery" diseases to understand the how the interaction of genes and environment result in the spectrum of human health and disease. 
Steven discuseds the inters